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Probe Master 4901-1KRA Passive Voltage Probe with Readout, 150MHz, 1X/10X, 600V, 3.5ft, DELUXE KIT


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  • 18 Piece Kit with Case
  • Low Resistance Gold Contacts
  • Switchable Readout Actuator
  • Interchangable Tips (.030in and .055in diameter)
  • Accessory Kit: Sprung Hook, 6″ Ground Lead, Trimmer Tool, I.C. Test Tip, Tip Insulator, Spare Tip, BNC Adapter, Channel Markers, 12″ Ground Lead, Pincer Hook, Pico Hook,Wire Wrap Tip, Wire Wrap Ground, Alligator Tip, High Frequency Ground, Extender Tip 4″, and Black Vinyl 3 Fold Pouch.