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Instek APS-7050 500VA Programmable AC Power Source 4.2Arms 310Vrms


500VA OUTPUT; AC Power Source

500VA Programmable AC Power Source
4.3 inch TFT-LCD Display, Only 88mm(2U) case height
Output Capacity: APS-7050(500VA), APS-7100 (1000VA)
Arbitrary Waveform Function
Surge/ Dip control for output artificial surges or dips in voltage to a DUT
Measurement function comprises Voltage, Current, Power, Apparent Power, Current(peak), IPKH, Frequency, Power Factor, Crest Factor
10 sets of the Sequence mode, Simulate mode, and Programming mode
10 sets of Preset allow users to store ten settings
Support Sequence, Simulate, and Program to automatically execute output after the equipment power is on
Support SCPI Emulation, LabVIEW Driver
Standard interface: USB Host, LAN
Support remoter control: Sync Output, Program mode signal output, Trigger In/Out, Output on/off

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