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GW Instek PEL-2030 Programmable DC Electronic Load Dual Channel Module, (1~80V, 5A, 30W) + (1~80V, 40A, 250W)


The PEL-2000A Series includes two types of mainframes and 4 types of load modules to accommodate users’ requirements in a flexible manner. Any load module combination can be used with a mainframe to tailor a test system based on the number of channels, and the maximum load power, voltage and current of each channel. Multiple loads can be connected in parallel to provide a higher-power load to test higher power supply outputs. This flexibility significantly reduces the investment needed for future projects that have different power requirements. The PEL-2004A is a 4-slot mainframe with a master control unit to hold 4 load modules, while PEL-2002A is a 2-slot mainframe with master control unit to hold 2 load modules. When the PEL-2004A is configured with 4 load modules rated at 350W each, the PEL-2000A series is able to sink up to 1.4kVA of power.

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