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Agilent N5230A 20GHz 4Port Vector Network Analyzer w/ Opts 010-014-245-080-550-1E1-F20-P04

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The Agilent Keysight N5230A PNA-L vector network analyzer provides the fastest and most accurate method for measuring multi-port and balanced components up to 20 GHz. For testing passive and active devices such as filters and amplifiers, the N5230A’s automatic port extension feature measures and corrects for fixtures. The analyzer is compatible with Open Windows XP with six USB connectors, LAN cabpability and GPIB. The flexible user interface provides for hard keys, soft keys, and pull-down menus. The 10.4 inch high resolution display of the N5230A is a touch screen which provides easy access to all traces and data. The extended power range adds a 60 dB step attenuator internally to the RF source path. This model has been replaced with the Keysight Technologies N5230C PNA-L Microwave Network Analyzer. This unit includes four soft keys, and three USB ports.

Agilent Keysight N5230A Options:

  • 010 – TIME DOMAIN FOR 13.5 20 40 & 50GHZ PNA-L
  • 014 – Configurable test set
  • 245 – 300 KHz – 20 GHz 4 Port Configurable Test Set with extended power range
  • 080 – Frequency Offset Mode
  • 550 – Adds 4-port measurement application
  • 1E1 – Source Attenuators


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