Laboratory Calibration Services

When looking for calibration laboratory services, you want one state-of-the-art laboratory and high integrity team that can help you meet all your business requirements. That’s just what TopDogTest delivers.

Our focus and commitment to excellence have made us the trusted local source for test equipment calibration, and repair service serving the west coast with facilities in Silicon Valley.

Our Quality:

Top Dog strictly follows ISO 9001:2015 qualified process that utilise NIST-traceable standard — every unit is calibrated to a standard that compares correctly to its master standard maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and is shipped with a certificate of calibration.

With the high integrity team Top Dog gives you the confidence on your test equipment. We constantly update and expand our calibration capabilities, and committing financial resources to the most up-to-date standards, and employee training.

In addition, our high-quality calibration laboratory services include documentation to satisfy your industry and regulatory or audit requirements.

Our local support includes:

•    Daily Pickup and Delivery service (Bay Area)
•    Fast turnaround on most calibration laboratory services
•    Advanced equipment Calibration services / Metrology services
•    Full maintenance, evaluation and repair services
•    Email notification when instruments are due for calibration
•    Worldwide shipping
•    An online equipment management system
•    We sell, rent, lease and buy back all brands of electronic test equipment
•    Largest on-line inventory of Test Equipment in the Industry
•    ISO 9001:2015 Certified Systems / Processes

Onsite Calibration Services

For the ultimate in convenience, choose onsite calibration services from TopDogTest.

Our coordinators handle all aspects of onsite calibration services, from scheduling to document delivery. They will also assign the appropriate field service calibration engineers/technicians and answer all of your instrument-related questions.

High-quality onsite calibration services from Top Dog:

  • Eliminate instrument downtime and the need for spares.
  • Minimize interruptions to your manufacturing process.
  • Ensure you’ll have no questions about where your instruments are or when they will be returned.
  • Allow you to schedule all your calibration services at once or periodically throughout the year.
  • Eliminate shipping costs and delays.

Calibration Capabilities

Our trained calibration engineers/technicians provide expert calibration for all types of electronic measuring instruments. Our electronic laboratory is fully equipped to calibrate most electrical/electronic instruments, and test equipment from DC to Daylight Spectrum.

Top Dog is currently applying for ISO/IEC 17025. Our proposed scope of accreditation can be found here

Our capabilities include but not limit:

  • DC and AC Voltage, Current (Up to 10kV, 500A)
  • LCR Instrument (Meters, Decade Box)
  • Temperature (-200C – 760C)
  • Humidity
  • RF Tuned Power – Measure 100 kHz to 50 GHz
  • Frequency Measurement to 50 GHz
  • +40 dBm TO -127 dBm Power Measurement to 50 GHz
  • Source +20 dBm TO -110 dBm to 50 GHz
  • SWR Measurements to 26.5 GHz
  • Network Analyzer Calibrations to 50 GHz
  • Harmonics, Spurious, IMD, Distortion, Modulation AM, FM, ØM (Phase Modulation)
  •  Nondestructive Testing Equipment 
  • Mechanical / Dimensional